About us

Dear Nurses, congratulations on undertaking this noble profession, however, the challenges of this path will always be there. Since several decades, Nurses have withstood the core of humanity in battlefields, accident spots or at any adverse conditions, Nepali nurses have also crafted a rich and admirable history and now you are also a part of it.

The nursing licensing exam is the bridge between your study and professional life, our pursuit is to assist you in this regard in a smart way. E-Learning is a scientific and modern way of learning content, accessing resources, appearing mock exams, accessing instant results and realizing your personal learning statistics to focus on your weakness and enhance your strength. Satsom is Nepal's largest E-learning family with over 4000 (Engineering and Medical entrance) aspirants, numerous colleges and institutes across Nepal have collaborated with Satsom. You can easily register and access to demo questions, once subscribed you can access thousands of questions, lecture notes, lecture videos, and learning statistics. Dear nurse, this is the best thing you can do to undergo an ideal entrance preparation, study effectively, study smart.